Fees effective: June 1, 2015

These rates are for Arizona Universities. For external pricing, please contact the Facility Manager or the ARL Business Office (520-621-4064).

FACSAria - Assisted Acquisision $101/hr
FACSAria - Sorting $123/hr
FACSCanto II - Assisted Acquisition $45/hr
FACSCanto II - Training $45/hr
FACSCanto II - Unassisted Acquisition $20/hr
Data Analysis - Assisted $52/hr
LSR - Assisted Acquisition $73/hr
LSR - Training $73/hr
LSR - Unassisted Acquisition $32/hr

Acquisition has priority over data reduction.

Cell-sorting users will be charged $123.00 for setup, and then $123.00 per hour for sorting prorated to 15 minute increments.

Consultation services and the use of support equipment are available free of charge.

External customers: Please contact the Core Facility Manager.